27 September 2010

Music Industry Research on Tuesday

First an interesting post from Pete Fraser's blog about the music industry / media in the online age to get you thinking about the ways we buy / consume music.

Next, for your research tasks on music channels and the music companies, use the useful links on the right. You'll find all the answers there. Also use the suggested links on the worksheet and answer all the questions.

You can work in pairs or share the task as long as you share your findings; you'll get a lesson to research and feedback.

21 September 2010

Home Learning set 21st September due in week beginning 27th September

1. Complete the required reading. We will be discussing key points over the next two weeks.

2. Complete the research task on Audience (sheet distributed in class) - TO BE COMPLETED FOR TUESDAY LESSON

3. Complete a couple more detailed video analyses using Goodwin's ideas and post on blog. Look into 'similar products' or at least distinct music genres, preferably the one you've chosen. Alternatively, you might want to deconstruct a video which contains visual ideas you'd like to replicate...


4. PLANNING: Update your group blog (individual if you're working on your own) about decisions made, spidergram of initial ideas, stills from other videos which are inspiring your group, etc...

General progress

I thought the presentations on music directors this morning were very interesting and hopefully they will prompt you to look at the work of these key directors and to ask yourselves why they are successful - is it just that the videos are clever and well-shot or are there other factors, including music genre, artists, and socio-economic factors?

Your blogs are coming along well. We are really pleased that the majority of you seem so focused.

Aim high and keep working hard.

14 September 2010

Home Learning set 14.9 due in week beginning 20th September

- Read the chapter from Vernallis’ book (required reading pack) for next week

- Update individual blog about choices made. Start Group Blog and send url to HO – make sure that everyone in the group is linked properly.
First post should be about the selected track and the reasons behind the choice as well as initial ideas emerging from group discussion.

- Design a mood board from the music genre you’ve selected, including images from videos you are particularly inspired by.

NOTE: 1. Books can be borrowed: Goodwin, Auzterlitz, Vernallis
2. Your presentation on a music director of your choice should also be on your blog and presented in class next Tuesday.

Your detailed music video analysis using Goodwin's ideas is to be ready for Tuesday 28th September. This is to be an analysis of a video of your choice / similar product to the song your group ends up picking – Doesn’t have to be a PPT but might be easier to present it that way; it must contain annotated screengrabs.

6 September 2010

Home Learning set 7.9.10

1. Complete your reflective post on the practical tasks so far. Use screengrabs to illustrate. Use the points below for guidance.
a/ Sum up the practical tasks you've completed in Final Cut so far for the Music Video project and why they were useful. What editing skills have you learnt? Why are they important?
b/ What did you do successfully during the planning / shoot / editing respectively? (focus on karaoke task and Britney task). What mistakes did you make / problems did you have at any point and what would you do differently next time?

2. Prepare a pitch for your chosen track (your final choice). You'll have to pitch it to your group. Chart your decision-making on your blog; consider good points and bad points for each of your short-listed tracks (should be 2-4) and how and why you made your final choice. Bring lyrics and track to next Tuesday's lesson to play it to your group / teacher.