22 August 2010

Required Reading: Introduction to the book 'Money For Nothing'

Get stuck in now! You will get a printed copy of this Introduction and you will be able to borrow the book from us. This is part of your required reading. You will get a few extracts from key books to help you with the theory side of things, in order to stretch your understanding of the genre, analytical skills and to improve the quality of your evaluation.
Money for Nothing Intro

Below is a short extract from the book focusing on some of Britney Spears's videos, since we started by looking at "Baby One More Time". It's a good example of what can be said about a video clip.

And finally, watch the video for Toxic here or here.

Remember to use the links on the right side to help with your research and analysis. The analysis from the BFI of Eminem's Stan should really give you some ideas in terms of what can be said about a video.

19 August 2010

AS Results!

Well done, everyone!

We are really pleased with so many good results and wanted to say congratulations!!! 100% pass rate.

H.O'Shea and A. Lyall

17 August 2010


Dear all,

Do remember to select your background before adding your gadgets otherwise you will have to start all over again.
You need to add a link back to the main video blog to allow examiners / moderators to navigate our sites easily.
Other gadgets will include relevant links or articles, particularly sites that you need to go back to frequently. For instance, you might want to link up the Park High YouTube Channel to look up recommended videos or explore the work of a specific director.
Finally, you need to use labels, once again to facilitate navigation; for instance, you could use Research or Track Selection... Later posts will be about Planning and the last ones will be for the Evaluation. Do start using labels! You can add them to existing posts and you can add more than one label.
Finally, remember to document your search for suitable tracks on your blogs, and to come back in September with your top 2-4 possible tracks. Email if you have any questions about that.