16 April 2015

Dear Moderator,

Here are the blogs of our A2 students. They have all followed the music video / promotional package for a new album brief: they have created a music video and as ancillary tasks, a magazine advert and a digipak for the album.

All students worked individually.

Candidate 9124 - Steven Attwell: Steven's Music Video Blog

Candidate 9302 - Rhianna Biggs: Rhianna's A2 Media Blog

Candidate 9585 - Nicole Fleming: Nicole's Music Video Blog

Candidate 8073 - Thomas Hallisey: Tom's Music Blog

Candidate 9424 - Roshni Mepani: Roshni's Advanced Portfolio Blog

Candidate 9542 - Kareem Tamam: Kareem's Music Industry Blog

We hope you enjoy their work.