11 July 2011

Summer tasks- Advanced Portfolio

1. Complete the research task on an artist's website (MySpace or other) set last week - No one had time to complete it.

2. Select your tracks - please see your guidance booklet. Blog pros / cons, details of the artist, signed / unsigned, initial ideas etc...
Look here for ideas:
Example: Possible tracks post(s) (though it doesn't have to be in just one post - could be as you go...)
When you come back, you must have a short selection of possible tracks and will be sharing this with the class. MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE THE TRACK: Embed the mp3 for example - you could use soundcloud.com or embed a player with your selection of 2-4 tracks.

3. Complete at least 2 analyses of music videos using Goodwin's points as sub-headings (some of you have already done one in the last lesson)
Example 1: Analysis of Rihanna - Disturbia (using Goodwin's Ideas)
Example 2: Analysis of Marina and the Diamonds- Oh No

4. Watch as many past students' videos as possible - select a few to embed and write a comment (or a few notes)on - this might be features you like or don't like and some screengrabs of interesting shots. GATHER AS MANY IDEAS AS POSSIBLE NOW.
PHM YouTube Playlist - other schools' videos

5. Watch as many varied videos as possible, embed some / screengrabs interesting ideas + few bullet points to comment.
Park High Media YouTube Playlist - Range of music videos plus playlists focusing on important directors (Jonze, Williams, Fincher, Gondry etc.): Playlists.

6. You could start your CD cover / digipak research now. Hit the shops and look at your own collection... Prepare a collage of interesting CD covers.

EXTRA - CHECK OUT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/introducing and also there on Twitter (bbc.co.uk/introducing We support unsigned, undiscovered & under the radar musicians No need to Tweet us links, just upload your tunes at bbc.in/Uploader)
[last year's] BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival

This year's BBC Music Video Festival Facebook page - some fantastic videos!

Finally, if you don't subscribe to COUP online magazine yet, you really should! Great article this month: "The Soap Girls - A Branding Exercise"

Have a great summer. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter - we mainly send relevant links for your Exam units: start reading about We Media, Online Age and Media Regulation (SO MUCH ON THAT AT THE MOMENT!!!)