28 November 2011


Please complete your Vernallis analysis and make sure all audience research and feedback is posted. (see post below)

If you've lost your Evaluation packpack, you can find a copy here:
UPDATED Music Video Evaluation Tasks

16 November 2011

URGENT - Feedback, audience research, Vernallis analysis

Make sure you post the feedback you received on Monday. There should be a rough cut of your video on all your blogs by now, even if it is only a section of the final video.

Your ancillary tasks must be individual so if you have done the rough draft as a group, remember to finish it off on your own, mentioning the feedback received so far and how you've acted upon it.

Show your work to as many members of your target audience as possible, post polls and other interactive ways you're conversing with your audience.

Finally, most of you need to finalise your audience research posts, including clips from interviews etc. Questionnaires and their results are ok but not sufficient. Check out websites and sales numbers for similar artists and what their audiences are like.

Use the pod whenever you can to work on your edit - Ideally, you would be fine-tuning it at this stage!

Finally, make sure you complete an analysis of a similar video using the Carole Vernallis analysis template and apply Vernallis to your own video, even if it's not finished.


11 November 2011

3 weeks left...

Seems like a good time to remind you to use your guidance packs, particularly the Evaluation section!

Can I remind you once again that the 4 evaluation questions are:
1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Assessment: to achieve Level 4 in Evaluation, you are expected to demontrate excellence in the creative use of most of the following technical skills:
- understanding of the forms and conventions used in the productions.
- understanding of the role and use of new media in various stages of the production.
- understanding of the combination of main product and ancillary texts.
- understanding of the significance of audience feedback.
- choice of form in which to present the evaluation.
- ability to communicate.
- use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation.

Here is a example of a level 4 blog (a bit weaker on the Evaluation, particularly question 4, where the focus should really be on Creativity):

6 November 2011

PC2, deadlines and admin

Finalising PC2 grades today. Please look through previous posts to catch up on missing work (that's for several of you...)

Reminder - 4 weeks left to go for this project (2nd December) - that includes all editing, ancillary tasks and in-depth creative evaluation posts. Use your sheets / grids to make sure you cover everything.

Monday 14th November - presentation of your rough cut - period 4. Class feedback will have to be carefully recorded for your evaluation. You need to make maximum use of the Media pod next week to get that rough cut done. I'll be in there as much as I can. James will be there in his usual slot on Tuesday lunchtime.

Finally, a bit of a reminder / moan: When returning equipment, you need to update the "Release of Equipment" form you signed when borrowing it. If anything is missing, the last person who signed for it will be held responsible.
The sheets are kept in evidence on the wall in the usual plastic wallet. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU COMPLETE ALL RELEVANT PAPERWORK.