16 September 2012

Home study reminders

Some of you have made a cracking start with your blogs. WELL DONE!

 - All work started so far must be completed including music video analyses.

- Very few have failed so far to complete their evaluation of the prelim tasks. Do it or no lesson for you next week which means you'll be further behind.

- The tracks to choose from are now online in a post below. Listen and choose. Come to the lesson with a preferred track or at least a top 3. Write a short post about your choice(s) and a brief justification / early ideas for the video.

- You should still be looking for inspiration from a range of music videos with lots of screengrabs. There needs to be a lot of visual evidence in your blogs.

- Use the list of tasks you've been given in class to get ahead.

 Remember to bring all handouts so far to your lessons - you will need them.

13 September 2012

Analysis of Music Video Conventions

Task to be done in lessons on Friday 14th September

Pick one of the three videos – all of which feature different female artists. Identify and discuss the conventions of the music video evident in your chosen video. You can present your work as you see fit, e.g., a video voiceover, screengrabs with essay style answers, etc.  

The questions below will guide you:

-          What camera shots are used and why? Long shots? Mid shots? Close ups? ECUs? Try to identify different shot types but also explain why you think these shots are used.

-          Does the camera move? How does it move? Why? Can you identify tilts? Pans? Whip pans? Tracking shots? Crane shots? What is the overall effect of the camera movement? How does the camera movement interact with the music?

-          Is there an overall concept or theme (or even a colour scheme) in the mise-en-scene? Are there any patterns in terms of props, costumes, setting? Is expressive lighting used? What is the overall effect of the mise-en-scene?

-          What kind of editing is used and what effect does it have? Can you identify montage editing, wipes, fades, dissolves, jump cuts, etc.? How does the editing interact with the music? The lyrics? Does the editing give a sense of narrative continuity or not? Why?

-          Is the sound of the song always foregrounded? Are there any changes in the levels of the sound? Is the sound diegetic or non-diegetic?

-          Are there any special effects? What are they? What impact do they have?

-          Is the video intertextual? (In other words, does it contain references to other texts? Other videos? Other musicians? Films? Novels? TV shows?

-          Does the video feature any voyeurism? Does it feature any screens or pictures? At any point do we climb inside the picture or screen or do the characters in the picture or screen climb out?

Tracks to choose from...

Here are the tracks to choose from:

Female artist 1:

Female artist 2:

Female artist 3:

Female artist 4:

Female artist 5:

Female artist 6:

Female artist 7:

Female artist 8:

Male artist 1:

Male artist 2:

Male artist 3:

Male artist 4:

Male artist 5:

Male artist 6:

Male artist 7:

11 September 2012

Amazing student video - full marks

Past work from other centres

You might want to check out some of the music videos produced by other students, for example the ones below from Latymer school. Talk about sharp editing skills! It's an amazing job. (Look at more vids from Latymer here)
Our playlist needs updating but here is more work from other centres.
Here is our playlist to watch a wider range of music videos.

This one from Ringwood got a level 4 last year. It's beautiful. (but embed not working...)

Voodoo Child Presentation

MUSIC VIDEO ANIMATIC - Yas, Ali & Jahmal from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

YASMINE, JAHMAL & ALI - '1234' FINAL VIDEO from cmdiploma on Vimeo.