31 October 2011

Homework due Monday 7th November

1. Post a mock magazine advert to your blog. *Remember to think about genre and audience and all of the conventions we spoke about in the lesson.
2. Post an analysis of at least one magazine advert relevant to your own advert to your blog.

21 October 2011

Research Task - Record label

Make sure you post your research on who would produce and distribute your artist and why.

20 October 2011

UPDATED - Digipak template and research

For your CD digipack template, shown above, go to;

media drive/media resources/CD COVER PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATES/ digipak 6 panel new.psd

Now improve your research - most of you only have pictures of digipak so far... Please create some interesting analysis... a quick video... a YouTube annotated series of pictures... something!
This one is a little slow but tries hard to be detailed:
This one considers the whole promotional package... Get inspired!

19 October 2011

Check out the competition for early planning...

Reception Theory - preferred, negotiated, oppositional readings

First, a student's handy revision presentation:

Reception Theory - an outline

Uses and Gratifications Theory

Uses and Gratifications

Reminder: Use your booklets for Reference materials and exemplars

For example, this is the example of a shot list I've already provided...
More help... Analysing CD covers and Digipaks - You need to do so in more depth:

Help with... Promoting a Band:

17 October 2011

Inspiration - Effects in music videos

I need to see a little more evidence that you are researching similar products / other videos to find inspiration from, particularly in the mise-en-scene, style and effects. (See mark scheme for Research and Planning - first point)
Remember that we have an extensive playlist on the YouTube channel
I have found a great post from another centre featuring some more interesting videos to learn from:

The Wretch 32 video below use stencilling, depth of field and reflections to good effect:

This Ellie Goulding video uses vintage colour, bokeh and depth of field.

Bokeh effect:

Use of Cyanotype:

Cross Process and stunning colour corrector:

Use of text:

Now look at this student's video - Several of you are using a male and female characters... Look at the lovely framing, particularly when she is walking on the beach at the start and when we see his first close-up.

Plus lots of other effects!

16 October 2011

Monday's lesson (17.10.11) and Shotlists/Storyboards deadline

As you were told last week, should you want to do a photo shoot for your digipak or a bit of filming in school, you can use some of Monday's lessons to do so, provided you can show Mr Molloy your planning for it. Shotlists and Storyboards should really be finalised by the end of the lesson if you haven't yet finished them, and the evidence uploaded to blogs.

An animatic would be a welcome addition; I showed you some from Hurtwood that you can find on their YouTube channel.

If you haven't posted all this (shotlists/storyboards) by Wednesday night at the latest, you'll need to come back at lunch on Thursday to get it done, and if necessary after school.

15 October 2011

SET 15.10.11 Planning - storyboard and shotlist and ancillary tasks

Shotlists and storyboards need to be posted as soon as possible.
You must also post the pre-production work I know you've been doing - sequences, annotated lyrics, costumes and props, locations ...
You need as much evidence of planning as possible on your blog.

Here is a link to examples of album covers and their respective magazine adverts. I'll be adding a few more shortly.
Many of you haven't yet posted your rough digipak design. Please do so. You will be investigating mag adverts after half term but do look at these models now.

Finally, this is an example of a STUDENT'S EVALUATION of their project. It is not perfect but gives you some idea of how much RESEARCH should be done.

6 October 2011

UPDATED: Representation in your music video and planning your shoot

1. REPRESENTATION: Write about Representation in your music video (at least about your intentions) focusing on your artist and on gender representations, or maybe representation of youth (Josh, Mathhew, Manan).
Don't forget to read again the article we looked at in class on representation of women in music videos [Friendly advice if you want to do well next week]
And here's the Prezi I mentioned on representations of masculinity - plenty of ideas here to get you writing.
Remember to mention the conventional representation of gender for your music genre then comment on how far you will be conforming to these conventions in your own video.

Prezi on Representation of Masculinity

2.PLANNING: Meanwhile, make sure that you act on all the things you've planned to do today.
Get on with your planning: costumes, props, locations, schedule, shot list, storyboard.

MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SHOOTING SCHEDULE IS IN PLACE ASAP - test shoots and some of your shoot should happen next week, over half-term and possibly extra shoot in the week after half-term. You will start uploading and editing in the first week back after half-term so you need some footage!

- Audience: Many of you are still missing some basic information about your target audience. This is an early entry from last year: Chloe's early audience research
Of course, all the research you are conducting should be there too, either confirming or reappraising your early findings.

- Similar products: you need to continue studying the conventions of similar artists / videos, using Goodwin AND Vernallis , and many screengrabs for ideas on how to shoot / style /edit your video.

Use the pod when you can and email or see me if there's any problem/question.