30 June 2011

Work to be completed in lieu of today's triple - to be completed by next Thursday

1. Evaluation of your prelim tasks so far (see below) - It's Reflective writing preparing you for the first section of the exam as well as counting towards the Research section of your coursework (you will add relevant screengrabs and upload the tasks that are not there yet next week)

2. You should analyse at least 2 more of your favourite videos with screengrabs (total of 3 by next Thursday - see guidance provided on worksheet - embedded below in a previous post; look also at some of Matthew's and Yasmin's analyses for some ideas). Aim for different types of videos (and possible music genres)

3. Explore / research / report and evaluate the MySpace page or website of a band you like, with appropriate links and grabs. What content do you find? What evidence of branding and positioning can you find? Is the music genre of the artist made obvious through the design?

4. Complete all the work that is missing from your blog so far - several of you have already fallen behind.

Evaluation Questions for prelim tasks:
- What skills have you developed through completing the preliminary tasks? (4 tasks for most, 3 for some - animal costumes, lip synch / your song, advanced effects with footage from either of the above, Radiohead mash-up)
BE SPECIFIC and refer to techniques used during filming AND POST-PRODUCTION, i.e. editing (you will illustrate with grabs from vids and FCE timelines)

- What are you most happy with in your lip synching task and why? Whay would you have done differently in hindsight?

- What are your "favourite bits" from some of the other groups' videos and why? Illustrate where possible (though not all have been embedded in blogs yet)

While you're at it, look at the Gateway blog to keep up with changes at MySpace and see below:

28 June 2011

Keep up to date with the music industry

FIve minutes to spare? You could do worse than taking a peek at Music Biz Academy.com, read the updates and explore the links on the side such as
Guerrilla Marketing Tips
Music Marketing Plan
Yes, it is a US site... The link is also on the right under Useful Links.

Understanding key marketing terms - thinking of the audience

I have found this PPT which I know will turn out to be VERY useful when you look more closely at audiences and marketing strategies. Have a quick look for now then ask yourself: 'Can I explain the terms "segmentation", "targeting", "differentiation" and "positioning" to someone else?'

Source: Michael Cloke's page

Another example of a good blog

This one is uneven in places but also contains strong posts:
Alexander's blog

24 June 2011

Independent study and work due in

Well done to those of you who have completed all prelim tasks! They look fabulous so far.

- Research and Factfile on album releases to be completed for Monday. I will collect your handout / factfile on Monday at the start of the lesson. The aim is to demonstrate your understanding of the industry and the varied marketing strategies used to promote a new album. Use examples to illustrate. (This is for assessment - will go in your book)

- Use worksheet to complete the second task properly - analysis of your favourite music video with grabs and comments. Do at least 1 for Thursday.

- One group is really behind and will need to find the time to use the pod BEFORE next Thursday to complete at least a minute of their Lip synch task. You will show some of your work in the first lesson.

Any question, let me know ASAP - NOT the night before.

You should also start checking out the competition from other centres. I have saved some music videos from other schools on the YouTube channel. Click here and look through the playlist.

For example, take a look at this amazing one - Got full marks for the main task (ie. the video = 40 marks out of 100)