24 October 2012

Inspiration - Ancillary tasks

Click to see a good example of the research and planning that should go into your ancilliary tasks: the digipak and magazine advert


And here is the template for your digipak. You can find it on the Media drive in the Digipak folder. You'll need to import it into Photoshop.

Inspiration - Effects in Music videos

I need to see a little more evidence that you are researching similar products / other videos to find inspiration from, particularly in the mise-en-scene, style and effects. (See mark scheme for Research and Planning - first point)
Remember that we have an extensive playlist on the YouTube channel
I have found a great post from another centre featuring some more interesting videos to learn from:

The Wretch 32 video below use stencilling, depth of field and reflections to good effect:

This Ellie Goulding video uses vintage colour, bokeh and depth of field.

Bokeh effect:

Use of Cyanotype:

Cross Process and stunning colour corrector:

Use of text:

Now look at this student's video - Several of you are using a male and female characters... Look at the lovely framing, particularly when she is walking on the beach at the start and when we see his first close-up.

Plus lots of other effects!

Audience Theory - Uses and Gratifications

Uses and Gratifications

Research and Planning

You all know that there are many things to have in placeon your blogs. Target audience research and questions of representation, moodboard, wordle of initial ideas, annotated lyrics, animatic, shot list etc... You should also be looking for suitable location.
If you're planning on holding auditions or have already found your actors, post that too. Any research on costumes, props etc... should start appearing too. Email if you're unsure but make sure you make good use of all reference materials first.

Some of you only have one Goodwin analysis; you should have a minimum of 3, preferably of videos / artists similar to your chosen one.

Look at this student's detailed analysis of a music video:

You need to invest the time! Good luck.

Example of an ANIMATIC

2 October 2012

Research, Planning, Pitch, Treatment

Next Wednesday you will pitch your ideas to the class for feedback.

You need to have done several things before then. Firstly, agree and post the following as soon as possible if not already done:
1 Who the band/ artist are, their name, their image/ identity (the one you are creating)
2 An outline treatment for your early visual ideas
3 Detail on the target audience
4. The genre of the music and the signifiers of this (within the music and/or linked to the artist)

Your treatment should give a strong sense of the overall style, mise-en-scene, mood and theme of your idea.
There are many things to have in place by next week: 
Target audience research
wordle / brainstorm of initial ideas 
annotated lyrics + timeline

You should be able to discuss your treatment in terms of Goodwin's points (and
if you can, try to reference Vernallis' ideas)

You should also be looking for suitable location. 

If you're planning on holding auditions or have already found your actors, post that too. 
Any research on costumes, props ... (mise-en-scene) should start appearing too. 

Use the reference material you have been given to guide you.

Here are some examples of a good treatment:

You need to get started with some serious audience research as well. Use this to get started:

Then it'll be time for shot list and storyboards.

Star Text - Evolution of a pop star through their videos

Some ideas to help you focus your research. Use this as guidance.
Don't forget to embed relevant videos and lots of screengrabs.
Carmela has made a great start here.