30 April 2011

Research- Album Release

Quick Assessment - most of you still have a bit to complete for Thursday.
See emailed details.
Copy of the Research worksheet:
Research Task - Album Release

Winners of first edit task

Well done, Harshiv and Keval! Fantastic job!
See them here:
Harshiv's version
Keval's version

PS: Harshiv had a good instinct: upload to YouTube first then embed - such better quality. We can do it for you through ParkHighMedia YouTube channel or get your own channel. Do put a title on all your posts though and start labelling now (here you could use the label Preliminary Task)
(Keval, change the title of your post; it will be confusing later on otherwise)
You can also upload to Tumblr to share your videos more easily - details on that next week.
Park High Media Tumblr

Essential Research - Choosing a Track and other initial research

You will be expected to come back in September with a selection of 2 to 4 titles so that you we can discuss them and agree.
Your selected track must conform to the following:
- it should have plenty of scope for creativity;
- it must be available as a digital download or CD, and have been mixed and recorded to a high standard;
- it must NOT have been promoted successfully (in the last 10 years) by a professional music video;
- it must be clearly identifiable as a genre / sub genre;
- it must have a clearly definable audience;
- it must be suitable for public broadcast so no swearing, no sexually aggressive language / imagery, no drug-related lyrics.

PS: MySpace is full of new artists who have a webpage very much like the one you might choose to do as one of your ancillary tasks. Start searching here for instance.
You could also investigate less well-known song covers. See links on the right.

Chart everything on your individual blog:
- research potential tracks - link them to your blog; explain why they would be good choices and what the bad points might be (see above);
- research into similar products (artists and record labels, album covers, artists' websites, music videos, artists' looks/ fashion and iconography)
- exploration and analysis of the forms and conventions of similar products
- research target audience for existing artists / videos / music genres, particularly the ones you're interested in.