19 January 2014

Dear Moderator,

Here are the blogs of our A2 students. They have all followed the music video / promotional package for a new album brief:

Some students worked as a pair whilst planning and filming:
Romina and George,
Leon and Luke,
Nikita and Kelly.
All the editing and ancillary tasks were done individually.

The other students worked individually:

Romina Mohammad-Nejad 8146 - Romina's blog: http://rominamusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk
George Schena 8218 -  George's blog: http://georgesmusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk

Leon Jay Dominique - Leon's blog: http://leonjaydominiquea2media.wordpress.com
Luke Georgiades - Luke's blog: http://lukegeorgiades.wordpress.com

Nikita Petralia 8317 - Nikita's blog: http://nikitasmusicvideoblog.blogspot.co.uk
Kelly Amdur 8009 - Kelly's blog: http://kellysmusicvideoblog.blogspot.co.uk

Lisha Gorasia 8067 - Lisha's blog:http://lishagorasia.wix.com/mediastudies

Priyesh Mistry 8141 - Priyesh's blog:http://priyeshmusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk