14 November 2014


- Friday 21st November: Mock up or rough digipak

- Friday 28th November: First draft of music video (even if loose)

- Friday 5th December: Advert and digipak deadline - Peer and teacher feedback


CHECK THIS CANDIDATE'S ANCILLARY TASKS! http://lca2mediahub.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/5276-martyn-hollinshead.html

Make sure you complete the work set with the Evaluation Questions in mind!
Here they are:

Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Q2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Q3: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Q4: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

7 November 2014

Photoshoot - and star transformation

You must arrange to do a photoshoot of your artist ASAP!!

This will allow you to start working on the ancillary tasks.

Here is Leon's photoshoot from last year, and another post where we see the transformation of Beth, his actress, into Belle (behind the scene if you like)




Otherwise you are just willingly losing marks…

Go back and look at what I have posted already plus ideas from today's lesson

22 October 2014


Analysis of Magazine Posters and Digipaks from jkfernandes17

More examples…


Click to see a good example of the research and planning that should go into your ancilliary tasks: the digipak and magazine advert


And here is the template for your digipak. You can find it on the Media drive in the Digipak folder. You'll need to import it into Photoshop.

Obviously this only has four panels; you should be aiming for six:

Have a look at this group's work on ancillary tasks. They achieved level 4.

The magazine advert:

Here is their 6-frame digipack:
Do check out these obscure and brilliant album covers: 


16 October 2014

Planning - Developing the treatment

What you should have when it's completed:

- Brief details about your band/artist, including which record label they're signed to, what their ideology is and who their target audience is (audience profile)

- Moodboard

- Synopsis of the video, including details of performance and/or narrative elements, location shots, costume/props images

- Shot list for each sequence

- Storyboard

- Aim for an animatic

- Explanation of how you have used Goodwin's elements within the video OR how they are subverted. Explanation of how you have used Vernallis' points.

- Explanation of WHY you have decided on this concept and HOW it will appeal to the target audience and 'fit' into the music industry.

– discussion of any influences you have had.

- Keep asking for class and teacher feedback as well as target audience feedback. This must go your blog and you must adapt your ideas accordingly. Use questionnaire or/and focus groups. Use social media / online survey.

- Your audience research should include a consumption profile of your target audience. It should also refer to Uses and Gratifications Theory.

- Actors / Casting / possibly auditions

- You should conduct a recce.

- Schedule.

Ask for hep at any point and remember to support each other. Below is a little more help to help you define your research.

1. Gathering more information on your target audience. Here is a link to the media pack published by a magazine:

Look through the pack to see how the target audience is described in detail.

Also look through last year's blogs to see examples of Audience Profiles and Audience Consumption Profiles.

2. Example of an ANIMATIC

3. Example of storyboarding:

11 October 2014

Feedback on Star Transformation Task and Music Video Director task

1. Star Transformation Task

Some of your work does not draw enough on the music videos themselves. Yes, you can use articles and other media texts but remember that we are exploring Goodwin's point on Star Text.

You also need to be a little more analytical - please read carefully the last section of this article on Rihanna. It is detailed and analytical.

2. Music Video Director research

Again, a bit too vague and not enough analysis of their signature style - This is to be supported by lots of screenshots, although I have enjoyed the embedded documentaries.

You should all check each other's work!

Please improve your posts.

10 October 2014

Inspiration - PJ Harvey

Music Video Treatment

You will be presenting next week (probably on Wednesday). This is part of your PLANNING.

The more thought you put into this and the more visual you make it, the easier the rest of the planning will be.
Refer to the bullet points we gave you.

Next steps: Shot list, Storyboard, shooting schedule...

3 October 2014

Watch, watch, watch - Use the playlists on parkhighmedia YouTube channel

Including this one from another centre. Not perfect but Band 4.

Great Tips on Music Video Editing - READ!

Star Text - Evolution of a star through their music videos

Some ideas to help you focus your research. Use this as guidance.
Don't forget to embed relevant videos and lots of screengrabs.
Carmela has made a great start here.

Audience research 1: Initial questions and theory

Uses and Gratifications

18 June 2014

Planning your Advanced Portfolio - Summer Work

Use the summer time to find your song and start your research.

In the meantime, this is the kind of letter that you'll need to write to the copyright owner; though they might not reply to you, at least you've taken the right steps to get permission. Alternatively, you might want to ask if it would be ok to have your video posted on your school's YouTube channel.


1. Complete the  Evaluation of your preliminary task

2. Complete at least 2 analyses of music videos using Goodwin's points as sub-headings.
Example 1: Analysis of Rihanna - Disturbia (using Goodwin's Ideas)
Example 2: Analysis of Marina and the Diamonds- Oh No

3. Watch as many past students' videos as possible - select a few to embed and write a comment (or a few notes) on - this might be features you like or don't like and some screengrabs of interesting shots. GATHER AS MANY IDEAS AS POSSIBLE NOW.
PHM YouTube Playlist - other schools' videos


4. Watch as many varied videos as possible, embed some / screengrabs interesting ideas + few bullet points to comment.
Park High Media YouTube Playlist - Range of music videos plus playlists focusing on important directors (Jonze, Williams, Fincher, Gondry etc.): Playlists.

6. You could start your CD cover / digipak research now. Hit the shops and look at your own collection... Prepare a collage of interesting CD covers.

7. Watch and make a few notes on what you have picked up from it. This video was recommended by the person who's in charge of A2 at OCR......

The Videographers Guide Ep. 1 - The Music Video from Hypebeast on Vimeo.

EXTRA - CHECK OUT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/introducing and also there on Twitter (bbc.co.uk/introducing We support unsigned, undiscovered & under the radar musicians No need to Tweet us links, just upload your tunes at bbc.in/Uploader)
[last year's] BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival

Last year's BBC Music Video Festival Facebook page - some fantastic videos!

Finally, if you don't subscribe to COUP online magazine yet, you really should! Great article from last year: "The Soap Girls - A Branding Exercise"

Have a great summer. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter - we mainly send relevant links for your Exam units: start reading about We Media, Online Age and Media Regulation! So many debates at the moment!!!

15 June 2014

Week starting 16.6.14: What needs to be done now...

Hi everyone and a warm welcome back!

Before I go on, Issa James has posted the great post below with plenty of links to music videos that we want you to look at. It is crucial that you spend time becoming familiar with different genres and that you pick up ideas from a wide range of videos. Of course, there are other sources of inspiration such as films, TV drama and books!

But before I go on further, let's go back to basic information.

1. You will be starting your coursework straight away. Trust me, you will need the summer to make a good start! Once again, the coursework accounts for 50% of your final grade and we usually finish by Christmas with a little time in January to complete the evaluation.
The brief is to create a promotional pack for an upcoming album (you will have to invent an artist/band), including a magazine advert, a music video for the single coming out, and a digipak for the album (6 panels minimum). So, 3 products this time around!

2. You need to start a new blog to start recording your work. Please send me the URL as soon as possible. Include your name in the header as well as your candidate number. Include a link to this class blog.

3. You need to understand that there are many genres of music videos, usually dependent on the music genre being promoted. Overall, there are Performance videos, Narrative-led videos, but the majority include a mix of both.
Two key theorists who will help you deconstruct and analyse videos are Goodwin and Vernallis. I will provide templates summing up the main conventions they have come up with to support your analytical work and we will of course go through their key points together.

Starting with Goodwin, here are the key points:

Andrew Goodwin has identified a number of key features which distinguish the music video as a form:
- There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics.
- There is a relationship between the music and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music.
- Genres are complex and diverse in terms of music video style and iconography
- Record companies will demand a lot of close-ups of the main artist or vocalist. Videos allow artists to present and modify their 'Star Image' to the public.
- Voyeurism is present in many music videos, especially in the treatment of females, but also in terms of systems of looking. Some examples are screens within screens, cameras, mirrors, etc.
- There are likely to be intertextual references, either to other music videos or to films and TV texts; these provide further gratification and pleasure for the viewers/fans.

Please use these to get started with your music video analyses. It goes without saying that you will need plenty of screengrabs!

4. We will be completing some preliminary tasks to teach you a few skills in preparation for shooting and editing your own videos. The first one will take place this week. You will need to be ready on Wednesday to shoot a lipsynched song of your choice. You can work in groups of 3 groups of 2 or 3 groups of 2.
You must:
- bring the printed lyrics
- have learnt the song lyrics before the lesson
- bring any prop you might want to use.

Here are examples from previous years:

See you Wednesday in the media pod! I cannot wait.

Welcome Back! You are now A2 students.

Hey Guys, in preparation for your A2 studies I have listed a bunch of useful links for you to check out.

This is the range of music videos playlist, assembled for your perusal!
Range of Music videos

Simple videos that rely on lighting & a strong performance (some of these are in the above playlist)

One Take performance with an emphasis on lighting

Same artist as above utilising dance & shadows (black & white)

Classic performance video that inspired Miley Cyrus

An almost film noir look in this iconic video

Heavily reliant on performance

Using real subjects & scenarios along with performance

Simple + performance based This controversial song went viral & made the artist popular

Dance led video with interesting lighting

Good example of cutting to the beat -Dance led video using smart choreography & switches between colour (I challenge you count how many cuts!)

Lip sync by another performer

Innovative reverse video by Spike Jonze

Innovative one take performance video

Student examples

The following are screen shots from student videos in the past year that utilise good lighting


Split screen

Simple and effective lighting

19 January 2014

Dear Moderator,

Here are the blogs of our A2 students. They have all followed the music video / promotional package for a new album brief:

Some students worked as a pair whilst planning and filming:
Romina and George,
Leon and Luke,
Nikita and Kelly.
All the editing and ancillary tasks were done individually.

The other students worked individually:

Romina Mohammad-Nejad 8146 - Romina's blog: http://rominamusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk
George Schena 8218 -  George's blog: http://georgesmusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk

Leon Jay Dominique - Leon's blog: http://leonjaydominiquea2media.wordpress.com
Luke Georgiades - Luke's blog: http://lukegeorgiades.wordpress.com

Nikita Petralia 8317 - Nikita's blog: http://nikitasmusicvideoblog.blogspot.co.uk
Kelly Amdur 8009 - Kelly's blog: http://kellysmusicvideoblog.blogspot.co.uk

Lisha Gorasia 8067 - Lisha's blog:http://lishagorasia.wix.com/mediastudies

Priyesh Mistry 8141 - Priyesh's blog:http://priyeshmusicvideo.blogspot.co.uk