30 September 2011

Research and Planning

You all know that there are many things to have in place by next week. Target audience research and questions of representation, moodboard, wordle of initial ideas and picture of your ideas on sugar paper done in class, annotated lyrics... You should also be looking for suitable location. If you haven't yet posted your pitch, it should be there too on your blog. If you're planning on holding auditions or have already found your actors, post that too. Any research on costumes, props etc... Should start appearing too. Email if you're unsure but make sure you make good use of all reference materials first.

Some of you only have one Goodwin analysis; you should have a minimum of 3, preferably of videos / artists similar to your chosen one. Bring a hard copy of your best one for your assessment book.
Look at this student's detailed analysis of a music video:

You need to invest the time! Good luck.


22 September 2011

Research and planning your pitch

It was lovely seeing so many of you finally finding your feet and getting down to business this morning. There is a huge task ahead so make sure you keep the momentum going.
Next Thursday, your group will be presenting your pitch. Look at last year's examples(Hasina amongst others) and look at the guidance document I will be posting below tomorrow. Remember to focus your research on target audience and similar artists/products. Look at the mark scheme to ensure your cover all areas.
It will also be my last chance to amend your PC1 as it's the deadline then for entering them on the system!

Please also make sure you watch music videos from your chosen director in preparation for next Monday's lesson. Watch the DVDs and/or the playlists on the YouTube channel.

Good luck everyone. Keep on top of things and find me or email me if you have any problem or question.

PS: Don't forget to post your Transforming into a Star task.

The Pitch - Examples

Look for more!

12 September 2011

Star Makeover Task on Monday 19th September

In the lessons on Monday 19th September you will be transforming one of your group members into a generic star. Please make sure you bring in any materials necessary for this, e.g., costumes, props, make-up, etc. You will need a name for your star and "before" and "after" makeover shots. You will need to be able to discuss how your star's image reflects his/her genre; what is his/her target audience; with what other "real-life" artists your star is associated; in what format his/her music is released; and to what record label he/she would be signed. You could also outline a video for one of your star's singles. Take a look at "The Transformation of Komal" on Hasina's blog last October if you want some inspiration - though you don't necessarily have to do a Prezi; you can present your makeover in another format. NB You don't need to finish the task for Monday 19th - you will be doing it in the lessons. 

Homework: The Evolution of a Star

Trace the evolution of a star's image as presented through their videos. Some good examples would be Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Britney Spears, George Michael, Avril Lavigne or even Lady Gaga. You should look at how the evolution of the star's image reflects changes in the star's life, music, record company, or a desire for a new or wider audience. Analyse and annotate screengrabs from videos. Due Monday 19th September.

10 September 2011

To complete for next Thursday

- For those who haven't caught up, catch up. See previous posts (below) to see breakdown of tasks, including artist's website analysis. Failure to do so will result in a Cause for Concern letter, I'm afraid, and catch up on Friday.

- You need to complete your Goodwin analysis started in class. See your packs for the details but here are the headings you can use:
Conventions of music Video/Promo (Goodwin)

There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals (with the visuals either illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics)
• There is a relationship between the music and the visuals (again with visuals either illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics)
• Particular music genres might have their own music video style and iconography (such as live performance in heavy rock, urban settings for rap)
• There is a demand on the part of the record company for lots of close ups of the main artist/vocalist, and to sustain the established or ‘required’ star-text (see below) – videos must sell the music
• The artist may develop their own star iconography, in an out of their videos which over time becomes their star image.
• There is likely to be reference to voyeurism, particularly in the treatment of women, but also in terms 'in looking' e.g. screens within screens.
• There are likely to be intertexual references, either to other music video, films or TV texts, either in the form of pastiche, parody or homage.

- You must write a post explaining the pros and cons of your top two or three potential tracks. Embed the tracks. Post lyrics or at least bring them to the lesson. See previous posts for links to exemplars or just flick through last year's students' blogs. We will finalise track choices and groups next week.
NB: You can use bullet points instead - pros / cons
Conclude with your winner.

To prepare for next lesson, you can read through your pack of reference materials, focusing on what Carole Vernallis says about music videos conventions.

Aim high; work hard.

1 September 2011

Welcome back and get posting... UPDATED

Special mention to Khushel for her great work on the blog. Please complete work before we meet again.

Learn lessons from last year. Most of you who got a C lost the marks on coursework... You did do brilliantly in the exam though! Conclusion: Build those marks through research/planning and evaluation posts. It is a subject where the split coursework/exam is 50-50!
See previous posts for details of what to do and bring folders to next week's lessons.

Looking forward to the year ahead :)