29 September 2015


What you should have when it's completed:

- Brief details about your band/artist, including which record label they're signed to, what their ideology is and who their target audience is (audience profile)

- Moodboard

- Synopsis of the video, including details of performance and/or narrative elements, location shots, costume/props images

- Shot list for each sequence

- Storyboard

- Aim for an animatic

- Explanation of how you have used Goodwin's elements within the video OR how they are subverted. Explanation of how you have used Vernallis' points.

- Explanation of WHY you have decided on this concept and HOW it will appeal to the target audience and 'fit' into the music industry.

– discussion of any influences you have had.

- Keep asking for class and teacher feedback as well as target audience feedback. This must go your blog and you must adapt your ideas accordingly. Use questionnaire or/and focus groups. Use social media / online survey.

- Your audience research should include a consumption profile of your target audience. It should also refer to Uses and Gratifications Theory.

- Actors / Casting / possibly auditions

- You should conduct a recce.

- Schedule.

Ask for hep at any point and remember to support each other. Below is a little more help to help you define your research.

1. Gathering more information on your target audience. Here is a link to the media pack published by a magazine:

Look through the pack to see how the target audience is described in detail.

Also look through last year's blogs to see examples of Audience Profiles and Audience Consumption Profiles.

2. Example of an ANIMATIC

3. Example of storyboarding:

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